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Dynamics of buildings (online) Damping of high-rise builidings

Extra module to the course Dynamics of buildings in which Sergio Sánchez elaborates on the phenomenon of damping, in particular damping of high-rise structures. This extra module is in English.

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Content additional module 6 Damping (of high-rise buildings)

On Thursday 1 July, an extra module of the online course Dynamics of buildings will take place. Sergio Sánchez (TU Delft) will elaborate on the aspect of damping, the damping of high-rise structures in particular. He obtained his PhD on this topic in 2018. A link to his dissertation can be found on the TU Delft website. This extra module can be followed free of charge by participants of (a module of) the online course Dynamics of Buildings (Dynamica van gebouwen), editions 2019 and 2021 and Dynamica, inleiding. A small contribution will be required from other participants. See further down at Costs. The module will be taught in English.

Fig.: Adam Tower, arch. & photo: Felix Claus Dick van Wageningen architecten, uitwerking door OZ architecten (Amsterdam).



Reception in 'lobby' of MS Teams



Introduction by organizer of course

Mic Barendsz (Bouwen met Staal)


Damping in high-rise buildings
Introduction to high-rise building vibrations Sergio Sánchez (TU Delft)


Damping identification techniques Sergio Sánchez (TU Delft)


Short break



Damping in high-rise buildings
State-of-the-art in damping of high-rise buildings Sergio Sánchez (TU Delft)


3-DoF high-rise building model for damping identification Sergio Sánchez (TU Delft)









Lecturer is: Sergio Sánchez (TU Delft)

Fig.: Radartoren Maasvlakte, arch.: Syb van Breda & Co architects, photo: Danny Cornelissen.

Target audience

Consulting engineers, structural designers, structural engineers, draftsman / engineers, supervisors (employees of construction supervision and private building plan assessors). Also interesting for technically minded architects, teachers of Architecture and Civil Engineering and employees of construction and steel construction companies.


(post-)HBO, TU

Permanent education

Registered (or chartered) designers, chartered engineers and registered construction supervisord (register-ontwerpers, register-constructeurs en register-toetsers) receive for this module 2 points for permanent education or entry to the Constructeursregister. 2 KE/PE-point per module.

If you fill in the points for permanent education online via My CR in the Constructeursregister, you can tick the Dynamics of buildings modules on the list of activities. When the number of credits is assessed, this is checked by the assessment committee on the basis of the list of participants.


One afternoon from 15.00 to 17.30.

Where and when

This year this course has already taken place. For next year your new dates will be communicated.

Cost and study materials

These costs are valid in 2021.
Cost for this module: € 50 for company members of the association Bouwen met Staal; € 75 for other interested parties. Prices are VAT excluded. The course price includes the powerpoint presentation and 1 month access to the video recording of the course module. See our general registration and payment conditions (algemene inschrijvings- en betalingsvoorwaarden).

This extra course module is free of charge for participants of the online course Dynamics of Buildings (Dynamica van gebouwen), editions 2019 and 2021 – as a whole or one or more modules thereof – and Dynamica, inleiding. If applicable, please write in the 'Opmerkingen'-field 'free of charge'.

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The extra course module is organized by Bouwen met Staal. For more information, please contact Mic Barendsz, Bouwen met Staal, tel. 088-3531212. Or write an email to The course Dynamics of Buildings is the result of a previous collaboration between Bouwen met Staal and Betonvereniging, Centrum Hout and SBRCURnet.