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Hackathon@Staalbouwdag (English)

During the Hackathon@Staalbouwdag, Tuesday the 8th of October 2019 in Rotterdam, multidisciplinary teams will compete in designing the best parametric steel structure.

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The Hackaton has taken place.


Tuesday the 8th of October


One day (from 9:00 AM untill 5:00 PM)


Van Nelle Fabriek (Van Nelle Factory)
Van Nelleweg 1
3044 BC Rotterdam


Bouwen met Staal and the research project SMARTconnection.


  • Info: Rayaan Ajouz (Bouwen met Staal), e-mail
  • Hackathon@Staalbouwdag is part of the SMARTconnection research project. In this research project methods are developed to analyze steel connections in a smart automatic process. More info


During Hackathon@Staalbouwdag, multidisciplinary teams will compete in designing the best parametric steel structure in a workshop setting. The task is to design a steel structure where the main loadbearing structure and the structural details are in optimal balance.

Each team will consist of three members. Including one architect, one structural engineer and one structural detail-engineer. The team with the best design wins Hackathon@Staalbouwdag.

During the hackathon the use of Karamba3D is recommended.  Via the new tool KarambaIDEA, developed by Bouwen met Staal, steel connections of the parametric steel structure modelled in Karamba3D, can be exported to IDEA Statica Connection for detail analysis. Temporary licenses for IDEA Statica connection, Rhino6 (Grasshopper) and Karamba3D will be provided to contestants.


Hackathon@Staalbouwdag is looking for:

  • Architects
  • Structural Engineers
  • Structural Detail-engineers
  • The contestants have experience with either Grasshopper or Karamba3D or IDEA Statica connection


The Hackathon will start with presenting the teams and announcing the case. At the end of the day each will team will give a brief presentation of the made design.

The jury will judge the design on: Efficiency, Aesthetics and Build-ability. The team that scores best on all four criteria will win the Hackathon@Staalbouwdag. Every winning team member will receive a free Bouwen met Staal-course, or -study book. 

09.00 uur     Start Hackathon

(09:30 uur    Nationale Staalbouwdag opens for visitors)

15:30 uur     Preparing presentations

16:00 uur     Presentations (5 min. per group)

16:30 uur     Jury verdict

16:45 uur     Announcement and homage of winning team

Enrolment procedure

Will your team design the best steel structure? Enroll by sending an e-mail, with your job description, to

Deadline is thursday the 12th of September 2019 9:00 PM.

You will receive a conformation via your e-mail address.

Forming the teams:

You can enroll as a team or as an individual. From the individual enrollments teams will be formed in the morning at the start of the Hackathon. Each team must have one architect, one structural engineer and one structural detail-engineer.


Every team will have the same case. This case will be announced in the morning at the start of the Hackathon.

Anouncement contestants:

Spots are limited.

The 13th of September, Bouwen met Staal will announce the participants. The participants will receive a free entree voucher for Nationale Staalbouwdag on their email adress. On arrival at the Nationale Staalbouwdag, the voucher can be exchanged for a visitors-badge.


More information

Hackathon@Staalbouwdag is organised by Bouwen met Staal and the SMARTconnection research project.

For more information: Rayaan Ajouz (Bouwen met Staal), e-mail