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Mathematics and Mechanics, Module B

Advance your skills or refresh your knowledge of mathematics and mechanics.

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This course brings MBO (intermediate vocational education) students to an engineering MBO level on the subjects of mechanics and mathematics. Upon completion of the course, the student will gain access to the two-year Structural Steel Design Engineer BmS course.

MBO - intermediate vocational education

4 afternoon + evenings

For whom?
The course is intended for students with an MBO education who work for steel construction companies, contractors, drafting agencies, architects, or engineering firms, and wish to become a draftsman or engineer.

After passing the exams, the student will receive a certificate and will gain access to the Structural Steel Design Engineer BmS course.

Time and location
The course will be held once a week on Tuesday at Australiëlaan 25 in Utrecht. The dates are 6, 13, 20, and 27 September 2016, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.
The Structural Steel Design Engineer BmS course will subsequently start on 4 October 2016.




- notable products 

- factoring


Calculating with powers and roots


Various functions and equations

-  linear, quadratic, fractional, root, exponential, logarithmic


-  sine, cosine, tangent

-  sine and cosine rule
-  radians

-  trigonometric functions



- types of load (permanent, changeable, special, localized, static, dynamic)

Forces and moments

-  normal forces, shear forces

-  annulling forces 

-  torques, moments

-  conditions for equilibrium

Supports and support reactions

-  moveable support

-  hinged support

-  fixed support


-  unbraced frames 

-  braced frames 

-  supportive structures

Static values

-  section modulus

-  moment of inertia, first moment of area

Stresses and strains

-  bending stress and shear stress

-  angular rotation, deflection, and displacement

-  Hooke’s law

Costs and course material
For Bouwen met Staal member companies, the course costs €985 plus VAT. The regular price is €1,170 plus VAT. The price includes course material, consisting of mathematics and mechanics textbooks.


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