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Bouwen met Staal performs in collaboration with ABT the research SMARTconnection.

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In the research SMARTconnection methods are developed to analyze steel connections in a smart automatic process. The goal is to increase feasibility and build ability of the design of steel structures by performing these analyses. Bouwen met Staal performs this research in collaboration with ABT.


The following goals form the main motivations of performing the research. By developing an integral analyses process a higher efficiency can be achieved within the design process. A higher efficiency, causes less time to be needed. The surplus in time can be used to further improve and optimize the product. Lastly, developing knowledge about integral analyses model is one of the steps needed in order to create a "File to factory" process for steel structures.

In engineering practice, structures weight is often optimized. This has an influence on the production costs of connections. Optimizing weight can cause, steel connection to have unnecessary high costs. Which can influence the total costs, feasibility and build ability of the steel structure. 

Integrally analyzing steel structures, by including joint design, may cause better design consideration to be made in the selection of beam members. Total costs could be reduced by achieving the best balance between cost of the joints and costs of the beams.

Key aspects of development

SMARTconnection focusses on the following three key aspects of development needed to execute an integral analysis of a steel structure:




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