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Structural Steel Design Engineer BmS

Become a fully-fledged structural steel design engineer with a good theoretical foundation.

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Upon completion of the course, the student will not only understand why a structure is designed in a certain way, but will also be able to calculate how. Graduates will be able to perform as team leader or assistant team leader and are among the experienced design engineers at planning, drawing, or engineering firms.

In addition to giving theory lessons, many sample calculations are also addressed in a classroom setting. There is time available for individual coaching if necessary. Drawing skills are not taught, although the student will receive a number of drawing assignments as homework.

The first year consists of general education. The second year places the emphasis on structural steel design and calculations. Various partial exams will be given throughout the two-year course. Together, the partial exams form the course exam.

The Structural Steel Design Engineer BmS certificate will be issued if the exam is completed with a satisfactory result. The certificate provides access to the Steel Engineer BSEng degree program.

Undergraduate (post-MBO)

Two years.
Classes commence on 4 October 2016 and take place weekly on Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

After passing the exams, the student will receive the Structural Steel Design Engineer BmS certificate.

For whom?
The course is intended for those preferably already employed in steel construction and/or structural or civil engineering. Prior training must include a completed intermediate vocational education (structural, civil, or mechanical engineering) with mathematics and mechanics listed on the school leaving qualification. Students who have successfully completed the Structural Steel Detailer BmS program or the Beta module are also eligible for this program. Students with an HTS (institute of technology) degree are granted an exception for mathematics. Please submit a copy of the relevant certifications when signing up.



Lessons 1st year

Lessons 2nd year

Mathematics 6 -
 15 16
Steel structures 18 20
 - 16
Materials science 4 -
Fabrication and assembly 8 -
Afternoon-evenings per year 26 26







Two classes are given per day (afternoon and evening). A day of class lasts from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Brackets: notable products, factoring


Calculating with powers and roots 


Various functions and equations: linear, quadratic, fractional, root, exponential, logarithmic
Trigonometry: sine, cosine, tangent, sine and cosine rule, radians, trigonometric functions
Differentiation: derivative, calculation rules, rise, fall, extreme values
Integration: indefinite and definite integral, surface area

Structural mechanics

Position stability, equilibrium, dimensional stability, stiffness, trusses, portals, frames, stability, strength.

Steel structures

  • beams across multiple supports, castellated beams, Vierendeel trusses;
calculation of joints (bolted or welded), base plates and anchor bolts, structural bolts, gusset plate joints, beam-to-column joints, pipe joints; 

  • interpretation and application of computer output


  • application of Eurocode for loads and steel structures;
behaviour and assessment of the structure; 

  • developing / calculating simple steel structures;
calculating columns in braced and unbraced frames;
  • special topics: lateral torsional buckling, plate buckling, etc.;
details of joints with other materials;
welding (processes, positions, contraction, etc.)
  • conservation;
reading working drawings;
cost aspects

Materials science

  • mechanical properties;
chemical composition
  • steel grades;
inspection and testing

Fabrication and assembly

  • work preparation;
production techniques;
  • fire resistance;
assembly techniques

Time and location
The course will be held at Australiëlaan 25 in Utrecht. Classes begin on 4 October 2016 and take place weekly on Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Costs and course material
For Bouwen met Staal member companies, the course costs €3,985 plus VAT for the first year. The regular price is €4,785 plus VAT. The price includes course material and required standards (Eurocode).


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