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Hackathon@Staalbouwdag 2024

During the Hackathon@Staalbouwdag, Tuesday the 15th of October 2024 in Leusden, multidisciplinary teams will compete in designing the best structure.

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Tuesday the 15th of October 2024


One day (from 8h30  untill 17h00), during Staalbouwdag 2024


AFAS Theater
Inspiratielaan 3
3833 AV Leusden


Bouwen met Staal in cooperation with ARUP, ABT and BAM A&E



  • TBA

Sponsors Hackathon@Staalbouwdag 2024






Each Hackathon team consists of a minimum of four members, including at least one architect, one engineer from a consulting firm, one detail engineer from a steel construction company, and one student. The team that delivers the best design during the Staalbouwdag wins the Hackathon@Staalbouwdag.

We are looking for participants for the Hackathon@Staalbouwdag who are:

  • Architects
  • Structural Engineers
  • Detail engineers
  • Students

Are you also participating in the Hackathon@Staalbouwdag? Then sign up using the registration button at the top of the page.

You can find the registration procedure at the bottom of this page.


The Hackathon begins with the announcement of the team compositions and the case you will be working on, followed by the public introduction of the Hackathon to visitors of the Staalbouwdag. In the afternoon, each team gives a short presentation of their design. Subsequently, the jury evaluates the proposals. The winner of the Hackathon@Staalbouwdag 2024 will be announced at 4:00 PM during the conference in the main theater hall.

08:30 AM Hackathon starts - Staalbouwdag expo (foyers AFAS Theater)

(10:00 AM Staalbouwdag opens for exhibitors and sponsors)

10:30 AM Pitch concepts in 2 groups of 3 teams

(12:00 PM Staalbouwdag opens for visitors)

12:00 PM Lunch (included with participation)

12:00 PM Lunchlecture 

02:00 PM Preparing presentations

02:30 PM Presentations (5 min. per group) - sub-room n.b.t.m. (AFAS Theater)

03:00 PM Judging - artist's foyer (AFAS Theater)

03:45 PM Winner announcement during Staalbouwdag conference - theater hall

05:00 PM Closing drinks - Staalbouwdag expo


Deelnemers en winnaars Hackathon@Staalbouwdag 2023 (foto: Pieter Kers).


The winning team will receive the Hackathon@Staalbouwdag 2024 trophy. In addition, the winning team will receive a dinner voucher worth €500. Furthermore, the participants of the winning team will each receive a 3-month ChatGPT Pro license.

Registration procedure

Do you want to demonstrate that your team can design the best steel structure? Then sign up using the registration button above or by clicking on this linked text. Add the following text to the comments:

  • Job description, mention in in invoerveld functie
  • Short motivation for participation (+/- 100 words), mention in invoerveld opmerking

The deadline for enrollemtent is sunday October 6th 2024 23:59.

You will receive a confirmation of your registration at your email address.

Team assembly:

Participants register individually. The organization will assemble the teams, and these teams will be announced at the start of the Hackathon. Each team consists of at least one architect, one engineer, one detail engineer, and one student.


Each team will receive the same case. This case will be announced in the morning, at the start of the Hackathon.

Announcement of participants:

The Hackathon has a limited number of spots.

For the selection of participants, the organization follows the following rule: "We strive for a good distribution of roles, companies, and diversity. After that, it's first come, first served."

On Monday, October 7th, Bouwen met Staal will announce the participants of the hackathon based on the received registrations. The participants will receive a voucher for free access to the Staalbouwdag at their email address. Upon arrival at the Staalbouwdag, the voucher can be exchanged for a visitor's badge at the reception desk.


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More information

For more information, please contact: Rayaan Ajouz (Bouwen met Staal), e-mail