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National Steel Construction Day 2018

National Steel Construction Day 2018: the informative event for the Dutch steel building industry.


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Tuesday 9 October 2017

The National Steel Construction Day is an annual informative event for every segment of the Dutch steel building industry: from clients and designers to construction companies, suppliers, and producers. In recent years, the event has been attended by approximately 1,500 visitors per day. Some 65 exhibiting companies and organizations have stands at the trade show.

The event is organized by Bouwen met Staal. The fixed components of the National Steel Construction Day are:

  • Conference with lectures and discussions on important current developments and events regarding designing and building with steel. The conference program is facilitated by well-known representatives of the Dutch design and building industry, education, science, and related disciplines and fields of expertise;
  • Trade show featuring around 65 companies and organizations such as coating and galvanizing companies, engineering firms, and software and connection companies;
  • Seminar for architects, with lectures on important current developments and events regarding designing with steel;
  • Seminar for constructors, with informative presentations on designing and building with steel structures;
  • Student program: approximately 300 Architecture and Civil Engineering students have a chance to meet their future colleagues at engineering firms and steel construction companies.
  • National Steel Award: the biennial prize for inspiring steel construction projects. The announcement of the results and the award ceremony take place at the National Steel Building Day.