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Webinar Applications of structural dynamics

Thursday 4 June at 1 pm. Okke Bronkhorst (TNO) and Mic Barendsz (Building with Steel) give an English webinar on Applications of structural dynamics: High-rise constructions.

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Eestairs, ontw. en foto: Bronsvoort Blaak Architecten

Dit webinar is in het Engels. Klik hier voor de Nederlandstalige versie van de aankondiging.

Webinar gemist?

Dit webinar heeft reeds plaatsgevonden. De opname is beschikbaar via het Youtube-kanaal van Bouwen met Staal. 


Bouwen met Staal organizes webinars on various topics. Webinars are lectures, workshops, lectures, etc. that take place via the internet. In the form that Bouwen met Staal chooses for these webinars, they are relatively short (usually half an hour, maximum one hour), accessible (not too specialist) and free of charge. In addition to these webinars, there are online courses that last longer (several hours and several days), are more specialized and are offered for a fee.

This webinar is an online conversion of a lunch lecture which is held every year at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the TU Delft in cooperation with study association U-BASE. The lecture is linked to the lecture series Structural dynamics for master students Structural engineering and Building engineering. The webinar is also opened up for members of Bouwen met Staal and other interested parties.

Fig. right: nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel, design: OMA, photo: Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs

Program 4 June 2020 at 13.00 h. - 13.45 h.


Reception in the lobby of MS Teams



Welcome and introduction

Mic Barendsz (Bouwen met Staal)



  • Searching boundaries: high-rise, large spans and lightweight
  • Brief introduction to applied dynamics
  • Wind vibrations and damping of high-rise structures
  • Appealing example projects

Okke Bronkhorst (TNO) & Mic Barendsz (Bouwen met Staal)


Opportunity to ask questions





Program other webinars

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Fig. right: nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel, ontw.: OMA, photo: Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs

For use by

Depending on the topic of the webinar: interested in the design and implementation aspects of designing and building with steel, such as structural designers, constructors, contractors, steel builders, architects, engineers, steel construction suppliers, teachers, students, construction supervisors, etc.


Associate degree, bachelor, master

Knowlege units Constructeursregister

The 0.5 hour webinars are too short to provide a point (unit of knowledge) for the Constructeursregister.


Okke Bronkhorst (TNO) & Mic Barendsz (Bouwen met Staal)

Length of time

The webinars of Bouwen met Staal last approximately 0.5 hours to 1 hour with subsequent opportunities. Starting time is usually 1 pm.

Where and when

Thursday June 4 2020. Online

Costs and study material

In the form that Bouwen met Staal chooses for these webinars, they are freely accessible. Building with Steel uses the MS Teams program for this. It is recommended to install this in advance. See our algemene inschrijvings- en betalingsvoorwaarden.

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To participate, you must register for the webinar no later than Wednesday via the form under the 'Register' button at the top of this page. On the morning of the webinar you will receive an email with a link to the webinar. Building with Steel handles the registrations in order of receipt.

Missed webinar?

The earlier episodes in this series of webinars can be viewed via the Youtube channel of Bouwen met Staal.