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Young Engineers Colloquium 2019 - Poster sessions

All posters are on show during the whole 1st day till 17.00 hrs. All posters will also be presented by ‘elevator pitches’.

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Poster session 1

  • Hashemi Bahman (Eindhoven University of Technology): Probabilistic approach to
    evaluate fatigue safety status in steel railway bridges
  • Gilles van Stael (Ghent University): Buckling design approach for unstiffened curved plates in uniform shear
  • Roald Damoiseaux (Aveco de Bondt): Blok 61 & 63 Strijp-S in Eindhoven, the Netherlands
  • Evy Van Puymbroeck (Ghent University): Finite element modelling of residual welding stresses in an orthotropic steel bridge component
  • Hasana Haidari (Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs): Foundation replacement of a building in the centre of Amsterdam

Poster session 2

  • Bart Bols (NEY & Partners): Ingelmunster – Connecting the village
  • Lies Scheerlinck (Jan De Nul): Execution of Woestijnebrug, Aalter
  • Gerrit Van Den Bossche: (Jan De Nul): Semi-Integral bridge over the N31, Bruges
  • Margaux Geuzaine (University of Liège): A low-order analytical model to monitor tension in shallow cables
  • Rayaan Ajouz (Bouwen met Staal, ABT bv): Optimising productions costs of steel trusses
  • Rik Steensels (Hasselt University): Application Centre for Concrete and Construction (ACB²)
  • Jeroen Koeken (Iv-Consult b.v.): Structural optimization by using parametric models
  • Takahashi Kenryo (NEY & Partners): Numerical Method by Projections for Constrained Form-Finding

Poster session 3

  • Amaury Leroy (Bureau Greisch): Some technical aspects considered in the design of high-rise buildings
  • Julian Flock (Bureau Greisch): Development of a numerical model for the analysis of ligatures for stacks of metallic plate under impact
  • Saurabh Dhanmeher (DIANA FEA BV): Automated infrastructure assessment using DIANA FEA
  • Martijn Van den Hoogen (Royal HaskoningDHV ): Partly reinforced underwater concrete floor crossing water pipeline
  • Jannes van Cauwenberghe (SCIA nv): Numerical calculation of steel fiber reinforced concrete in SCIA Engineer
  • Felix Leenders (Mobilis-TBI): Geopolymer concrete – a lifebuoy for the Dutch ‘beton akkoord’
  • Ikram Talib (Eindhoven University of Technology): Verification of the energy flow analysis method as identification tool for damping in high rise buildings
  • Laetitia Koning (Arup): Strategies for design of free-form load bearing structures

The program is downloadable as pdf.