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Student STEEL day 2022

Circular building... It probably won't surprise you (anymore) that the construction material steel has good credentials for this. But how does circular construction with steel work in real project practice? You see it, hear it, experience it in Rotterdam, on the Bouwen met Staal boat, during the Student STEEL day 2022. Sail along and be (pleasantly) surprised!

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Circular building... It probably won't surprise you (anymore) that the construction material steel has good credentials for this. But how does circular construction with steel work in real project practice? You see it, hear it, experience it in Rotterdam, on the Bouwen met Staal boat, during the Student STEEL day 2022. Sail along and be (pleasantly) surprised!

When • Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 09:30–17:00

Where • on Rotterdam waters, starting from the Boompjeskade 750, 3011 XZ Rotterdam.

For whom • Students and teachers of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Built environment and Mechanical Engineering in associate degree, bachelor and master levels.

Why • for a personal introduction to the possibilities of designing and building with steel in practice; separately from and in addition to the regular study programmes.

About what • Circular construction with steel

First a definition. Circular construction is the development, design and construction on the basis of reuse: of existing buildings or constructions or of parts of constructions and materials. This considerably reduces the pressure on the environment as a result of the 'building activity'. After all, with reuse you need fewer new materials and elements, which means you 'automatically' save on the use of raw materials, energy consumption, emissions, nuisance and waste associated with the production of new materials and elements. It is not for nothing that 'reuse' is almost at the top of Lansink's Ladder and 'Reuse' is the third of the five R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.

Indeed, Refuse or not to build is of course the best for the environment. But if you are going to build anyway: Reduce (use (new) materials economically) and Reuse (reuse existing building parts and constructions). Steel is perfect for this. Steel structures are 100% reclassifiable and adaptable, 100% demountable and therefore also 100% remountable and if they are really no longer reusable, they are 100% recyclable.

In Rotterdam, the distinctive possibilities of steel for circular construction have been used in a variety of projects. During the Student STEEL Day, Bouwen met Staal will take you along some appealing circular samples on the Bouwen met Staal boat. We moor at, among others:

Fenix I, Rijnhaven. Designed by Mei architects and planners, this former harbor warehouse from the 1950s has been transformed into a 'hotspot' for culture, creation, leasure and living. After a well-considered renovation, the warehouse now serves as a home for creative companies, cultural institutions and catering. A complete, 30 m high residential building has been erected on top of the old building, with 212 owner-occupied and rental apartments. A steel table construction between the shed and the residential building (both made of concrete) has ensured that the historic substructure could start a vital 'second life' almost untouched. Last year, the project was awarded the National Steel Prize – housing construction. On Wednesday 18 May, Robert Platje (associate partner, Mei architects and planners) will be waiting for you at the quay with an explanation of the design and implementation.

From Brienenoordbruggen, over A16. Like many older bridges, the well-known Van Brienenoord bridges over the A16 are also due for renewal. Every day, an estimated 230,000 cars drive over the First Van Brienenoord (from 1965) and its younger brother the Second Van Brienenoord (1990) and has been doing so for decades. In the coming years, Rijkswaterstaat will have the operating systems, movable parts and the characteristic steel arches of both bridges 'rejuvenated'. This operation must be efficient, with as little traffic disruption as possible and, above all, sustainable. To this end, an innovative design and implementation method has been devised, based on dismantling, sailing out, renovating, entering and refitting the existing structures. During the Student STEEL Day, Roland Blokland (technical manager, Rijkswaterstaat) will give you more information.

Program • The Bouwen met Staal boat sails under the Van Brienenoord bridges, accompanied by a lecture about the upcoming renovation and replacement. The cruise takes you past a large number of very diverse, more and less circular, but always spectacular projects with a steel ingredient, such as IMd's own office, the Zalmhaventoren and the Inntel Hotel. The boat moors at the construction workshop of Hollandia Infra in Krimpen aan den IJssel and the modernized Katendrecht peninsula. There, the harbor shed, Fenix I, which has been transformed into a residential building, will be visited under the guidance of the designers and builders. And we take a trip to concrete at the Havenkwartier (Port Quarter), which is under construction. In addition to the project visits and canal trips, there are (while sailing) the Zonneveld Ingenieurs project presentation and project and company presentations by the other sponsors.

The exact program is to be found below.

9.30 - 10.00

Walk in with booths of sponsors
Boompjeskade 750, 3011 XZ Rotterdam



Departure over Nieuwe Maas in east direction along the Noordereiland and passing under the Willemsbrug


10.00 - 10.10

Welcome by organisation

Mic Barendsz (Bouwen met Staal)

10.10 - 10.20

Short lecture Contribution of Tata Steel to sustainability and circularity

Rinze Heida (Tata Steel)

10.20 - 10.45

Lecture Renovatione, reinforcement and replacement Van Brienenoordbruggen
(while passing under these bridges)

Ronald Blokland (Rijkswaterstaat)

10.45 - 11.00

Opportunity to visit booths of sponsors


11.00 - 12.00

Company visit Hollandia Infra, Krimpen aan den IJssel

Led by Hylco Jellema and Edwin Kramer (Hollandia Infra)


Departure over Nieuwe Maas back to Rotterdam


12.00 - 12.30

Opportunity to visit booths of sponsors



Mooring at Boompjeskade 750, 3011 XZ Rotterdam (passengers afternoon program getting on)



Start lunch



Departure to Katendrecht


13.00 - 13.30

Lecture structure Zalmhaventoren, Inntel Hotel, Forum and Havenkwartier

Arnold Robbemont and Koen van Uffelen (Zonneveld Ingenieurs)

13.30 - 13.40

Lecture architecture and structrure Residential building Fenix I

Hilbert-Jan Kuijer (ABT)


Mooring at Katendrecht near Fenix I


13.45 - 15.15

Project visit Fenix I (harbour shed transformed to residential building) and Havenkwartier (detour to concrete with newly built energy efficient and future proof dwellings)

Led by Robert Platje (Mei Architects & plannders), Hilbert-Jan Kuijer (ABT), Arnold Robbemont and Koen van Uffelen (Zonneveld Ingenieurs)


Departure over Nieuwe Maas in direction Schiedam


15.15 - 15.25

Wrap up with perspectives for the future of circular construction with steel

Rob Stark (chairman Bouwen met Staal)

15.25- 17.15



16.00 - 16.30

Turning point at Wilhelminahaven with a view of and explantion for HSM Infra, Schiedam.



Back at Boompjeskade 750, 3011 XZ Rotterdam





Participation and registration • Participation is completely free, including coffee/tea/soft drinks, lunch and drinks. You can register via the button at the top right of this page. Applications are processed in order of receipt. Have you registered, but you can't come anyway? In that case, cancel in good time via info(a) or tel. (088) 353 12 12. Then a spot will become available for a new interested person.

Language • The program is partly in Dutch and partly in English. Certain lectures are in Dutch, others in English. Often the sheets are in the other language. Both Dutch and English-speaking guides are available for the tours. It will be clearly indicated which tour guide uses which language!

Travel info • The boarding location is at the Boompjeskade 750, 3011 XZ Rotterdam, close to the Willemsbrug.

By car: Paid parking is available at the Parking Willemswerf.

By public transport: the boarding location is easy to reach by public transport. From Rotterdam Blaak station it's a 6 minutes walk. From Rotterdam Central Station it's recommendable to travel to Rotterdam Blaak station.

Info • Bouwen met Staal organizes the Student STEEL Day 2022 in collaboration with sponsors and cooperating companies. For more information: Mic Barendsz, Bouwen met Staal, tel. (088) 353 12 12, e: mic(a)

Sponsors Student STEEL day 2022:

Project photos (left to right and from top to bottom): Rotterdam: © HMB • groen staal: © Bouwen met Staal • Fenix I: Mei Architects and planners, © Ossip van Duivenbode • Van Brienenoordbruggen: © ARUP • Las Palmas: Benthem Crouwel Architects, © APF International • Leuvehavenpaviljoen: Moederscheim Moonen Architects • Wilhelminapier met Montevideo (Mecanoo Architecten) en WPC (Norman Foster and partners) • PopUpLanguageSpace bij Cruise Terminal: TomDavid Architecten, © Ossip van Duivenbode • Willemsbrug • Rijnhavenbrug: Quist Wintermans Architecten • kantoor VORM: Architektencombinatie Bos Hofman • Drijvend paviljoen: Public Domain Architecten en Deltasync, © René de Wit • Floating Farm: GoldsmithArchitects, © Ruben Dario Kleimeer • Scheepvaart & Transport College: Neutelings Riedijk Architecten, © STC • Rotterdam: © TUX Photography.