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Prepainted Metal Trophy (English)

The Prepainted Metal Trophy (enabled by ECCA) is a student award that might be granted to an extraordinary application of prepainted metal. This page provides more information about the award and gives a comprehensive description of prepainted metal with examples of architectural applications.

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The Prepainted Metal Trophy (enabled by ECCA) might be granted to an extraordinary application of prepainted metal. The prize is open for all student projects (so not just graduation projects). Click here to download the registration form in word or pdf. Fill in the form and hand it in with your student project at the latest 16 August 2022. In the form it is explained what the jury minimally needs to judge the project.

What is prepainted metal?

Prepainted metal can be made of steel and aluminium sheet in thicknesses between 0.18 mm and 3 mm. Via a continuous process and in a controlled environment, the sheet is provided with a coating with a layer thickness between 10 mu and 275 mu. A plate thickness of 0.18 mm is often used for ceilings. The plate thickness for facade cladding varies from 0.50 mm to 1.50 mm. Different types of coatings are possible. Common coatings are based on polyester, PVDF and plastisol.

Do you want to know more about prepainted metal, also called coilcoated metal sheet? Then look on the website of the European Coil Coating Association , with many examples of the application of prepainted metal in buildings. Do you want to know even more? Then sign up for the ECCA Academy. In this way you can gain knowledge and obtain a certificate by using a modular system of self-study in a relaxed manner and at a time that suits you.

What does the prize yield?

The Prepainted Metal Trophy comes with a cash prize of € 350 and a certificate. The Prepainted Metal Trophy is sponsored by ECCA, the  European Coil Coating Association. The winner of the Prepainted Metal Trophy receives an invitation to be the special guest of the autumn congress of ECCA and present his or her graduation project there. The congress is taking place yearly in November in Brussels. Trave expenses and accommodation costs will be reimbursed.


An example of an application of coilcoated metal in a facade. The Christian Comprehensive School Het Streek in Ede (Gelderland) from designers LIAG Architecten en bouwadviseurs.

An example of an application of coilcoated metail in a facade and on a roof. The skating rink Twente in Enschede (Overijssel) from designers IAA Architecten.

In 2014 Roel Schiffers (TU Eindhoven) won the ECCA-award with the Bachelor project "Folds". Prepainted metal lends itself very good for the thin walled folded elements which create the undulating structure.

In 2015 Jordy Vos (TU Delft) won the ECCA-award with his graduation project "El estadio de la comunidad". This graduate designed cassettes of prepainted white aluminium for roofing and cladding. This choice was made not only for aesthetic reasons. The white skin also blocks solar radiation, that otherwise would certainly lead to high temperatures.

In 2016 Martin Beumer (TU Delft) won the ECCA-award with the Bachelor project "The theatre machine". In the interplay between contours and silhouettes at the symbiosis between old and new, the black prepainted metal facade elements play a lead role.

In 2017 Frédérique Sanders (TU Delft) won the ECCA-award with the Master project "SunMotion Roofsystem". A special, inventive concept for solar energy in which prepainted metal plays an important aesthetical role in the architecture of the building.

In 2019 Daria Safonova (Hogeschool Zeeland) won the Prepainted Metal Trophy with the Bachelor project "Mobius Arena". The facade of the ice stadium symbolises with its expressive ‘waving’ character the movement that is taking place inside the stadium and fits perfectly to the mobiusshape of the stadium.

In 2020 won Amber Peters (Academie van Bouwkunst Rotterdam) the Prepainted Metal Trophy with the Masterproject "Terminal 1". The interiors of the spaces in the airport terminal receive meaning and expression with the different shapes of prepainted metal and other materials and textures.


In 2021 Olga Gumienna (TU Delft) won the Prepainted Metal Trophy with the Master project "Space of Signal". Because of the special, integral and intelligent application of prepainted metal in the facade of the tower, in which the different types of sheet and the chosen colors play an important role.