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Student Steel Award

This award supports the work of graduate students, who study the possibilities of steel in civil and architectural engineering. And/or push the use of steel as a building material to its limits.

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Award winners Student Steel Award 2018Klik hier voor de Nederlandse tekst.

Students graduating between 31 July 2018 and 1 August 2019 are invited to participate in the studentenSTAALprijs 2019 (student STEEL award). Download your registration form by clicking here (in word or as pdf). Fill it in and send it, including your graduation project, before 15 August 2019 to Bouwen met Staal. Projects that may be eligible are: architectural or civil design, research, product development and/or a combination of these in which steel plays a key role. The professional jury has an eye for architectural and/or civil aspects as well as for the sustainability of the design or research.

The studentenSTAALprijs is organized by the association Bouwen met Staal and aims for students who graduate in architecture or civil engineering at bachelor or master level at a Dutch educational institute. This award supports the work of graduate students, who study the possibilities of steel in civil and architectural engineering. And/or push the use of steel as a building material to its limits. The studentenSTAALprijs is divided in the categories: Bachelor and Master. In order to encourage architecture students to participate, starting in 2017 an extra category is added: Master architecture. In each category a first and a second prize can be awarded. First prize winners will be rewarded with 500,- Euro, second prize winners will be rewarded with 250,- Euro. All nominees will be exhibited at the Nationale Staalbouwdag (National Steel Construction Day) and will be published in the journal of Bouwen met Staal (a steel construction related journal for professionals). The winners wil be announced and called on stage at the Nationale Staalbouwdag. All entries of 2013 (part 1, part 2), 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 can be seen by clicking on the linked text. Some projects that have been send in for the student steel award in the past can be seen here or the page with the winners of 2014. Click here for more recent winners of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Beside the regular prizes the jury can grant two additional prizes: the Van Bentum Prijs (special award for steel strip) and the Prepainted Metal Trophy (special award for prepainted metal, enabled by the European Coil Coating Association ECCA). Read further about prepainted metal and its architectural and civil applications on the page Prepainted Metal Trophy. Winners of the additional prizes will be rewarded with 350,- Euro and a diploma. The victor of the Prepainted Metal Trophy will be invited to the congress in Brussels to present the winning project. Of course travel and subsistence expenses are compensated. The additional prizes are sponsored by the Van Bentum foundation and ECCA.

The award ceremony of the studentenSTAALprijs takes place at the Nationale Staalbouwdag 2019 on Tuesday 8 October at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam. All nominated projects will be presented and exposed. There is room to exhibit a model or mockup.


Bacholor Student Steel Award:
• Research, product development, civil and/or architectural design executed at a dutch institute such as: University of Applied Sciences, Technical University (Architecture or Civil engineering) or Steel Engineer BSEng.

Master Student Steel Award:
• Research, product development and civil design executed at a dutch institute such as: University (Architecture or Civil Engineering) or Steel Engineer MsEng.

Master Student Architecture Steel Award:
• Architectural design executed at a dutch institute such as: University (Architecture) or Academie van Bouwkunst.

All submitted projects will be evaluated by the jury on:
• relevance of the design or research
• concept in goals, creativity and ingenuity
• context of design and research
• performance in sustainability, reduction of environmental load, reduction of maintenance
• how (smart) steel is applied in the project
• originality and aesthetics
• ambition
• thoroughness of the design or research


(subject to changes in composition)
ir. D.D. de Gunst, Hans van Heeswijk Architects bna, Amsterdam (chairman)
ir. M. Hermens, Royal Haskoning DHV, Rotterdam
I. Hulshof, Hulshof Architects, Delft
ir. F. Maatje, Bouwen met Staal, Zoetermeer
ir. P. Sieuwerts, Cepezed, Delft
W.M. Visser, Iv-Consult, Papendrecht.
ir. S. van Eerden, IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Rotterdam

What to submit

From each project the following should be submitted. Preferably through e-mail in digital form, but by normal mail is also possible.

Registration form
• With all the required information about the graduate and the graduation supervisors (in word or as pdf).

• A brief description of the complete project including an explanation why steel is used (approximately 300 words).

Report (entry is a research)
• At least one research report.

Drawings (entry is a design)
• At least one overall drawing including floor plans and sections, two detailed drawings which show the application of steel.  Drawings should be suitable for publication in the journal of Bouwen met Staal. Digital in JPEG- or TIFF-format with a minimal resolution of minimal 300 dpi.

Send the entry to: Bouwen met Staal, t.a.v. StudentenSTAALprijs, Louis Braillelaan 80, 2719 EK Zoetermeer, e-mail:

See the following link for more and detailed information: Regulations in Dutch.