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Young Engineers Colloquium 2019 - Organiser’s message

Vrijdag 15 en zaterdag 16 maart 2019 vindt bij de TU Eindhoven het Young Engineers Colloquiium 2019 plaats. Het evenement is in het Engels.

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Foto: Fernando BrancoMessage from the President of IABSE Prof. Fernando Branco

Young engineers will be the builders of our world in the coming generations when they will have to face the environmental changes effects, they will have to learn how to use new materials and they will need to solve the problems thinking, more and more, in terms of global interconnections. All this means a status of permanent innovation to face the future, building a better world. With these ideas, IABSE strongly supports the organization of the Young Engineers Colloquium as a forum of discussion of innovative ideas that will lead the engineering profession in the next years, ideas that are invited to be brought inside IABSE, as technical groups, keeping IABSE a leading organization in structural engineering.

Foto: Alain DumortierMessage from the Chair of the Belgian National Group of IABSE, Alain Dumortier

After several joint events since 2003, the Dutch and Belgian National Groups of IABSE now co-organize the Young Engineers Colloquium 2019 in Eindhoven. I am very pleased, that the Dutch National Group of IABSE has agreed to support the event as co-host.
By this the idea of providing a platform for exchanging ideas, networking and common fun for young engineers continues on an international level. This is another example following the well-known spirit of IABSE.
Looking forward to welcome many engineers – young of age or young-at-heart – from academia and practice for an exciting two-day event in Eindhoven!

Foto: Bert HesselinkMessage from the Chair of the Dutch National Group of IABSE, Bert Hesselink

IABSE will be the joint hosts of a colloquium aimed at young engineers. The Dutch National Group is proud to be part of this initiative.
YEC2019 builds on the long history of trade and collaboration between Belgium and the Netherlands and on the strong common engineering tradition. Offering a unique opportunity for young professionals to meet and exchange ideas across borders, the initiative truly reflects the international spirit of IABSE.
Students, young engineers and experienced professionals, who act as mentors and beacons of our profession, are warmly welcomed to participate actively in an inspiring day which will serve as an introduction to the vibrant community of IABSE and its activities.