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Young Engineers Colloquium 2019 - Program

Vrijdag 15 en zaterdag 16 maart 2019 vindt bij de TU Eindhoven het Young Engineers Colloquiium 2019 plaats. Het evenement is in het Engels.

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The program is downloadable as pdf.

The program on March 15 is as follows:

10.00 Opening session – chairs: Bert Snijder (Eindhoven University of Technology) &
Bart De Pauw (TUC RAIL & Ghent University)

  • Alain Dumortier (Bureau Greisch), Chair of the Belgian National Group of IABSE
  • Bert Hesselink (Movares), Chair of the Dutch National Group of IABSE
  • Bert Snijder, Vice-president of IABSE and local host
  • Keynote lecture
    Vincent de Ville de Goyet (Bureau Greisch): The arch, a tool for the bridge designer

10.50 Break (coffee & tea)

11.10 Oral session 1 - chairs: Bart De Pauw & Bert Hesselink

  • Kristof Maes (KU Leuven): Fatigue monitoring of railway bridges by means of virtual sensing
  • Frank Rake (Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs): Steel-supported glazed atrium roof between two adjacent existing buildings
  • Ana Sanchez Corujo (Polytechnic University of Madrid and NEY & Partners):
    The Boekelose Bridge: an innovative structure
  • Jan van Asten (Province of North-Holland): Building bridges by IFD-principles
  • Nick Gerard (TUC RAIL): Case study of rail-bridge interaction of a large span railway viaduct in Riga

12.10 Poster session 1 - elevator pitches of posters (click here for the poster presenters)

12:30 Break (lunch)

13:30 Ane de Boer (formerly RWS): Introduction to IABSE and Young Engineers Program

13:40 Oral Session 2 - chairs: Ane de Boer & Pierre Mengeot (BESIX)

  • Jonas Feron (BESIX): Uniformly loaded tensegrity bridge design via morphological indicators method
  • Fruzsina Csillag (Arup): Tensile and shear resistance of bolted connectors in steel-FRP hybrid beams
  • Heng Fang (Ghent University): Parametric analysis of rib distortion induced stress concentration at rib-to-crossbeam joint
  • Nick den Adel (Iv-Infra b.v.): Assessment of existing quay walls by test loading

14.30 Poster session 2 – elevator pitches of posters (click here for the poster presenters)

15.00 Break (coffee & tea)

  15.20 Oral session 3 – chairs: Hans De Backer (Ghent University) & Sander van Alphen (Movares)

  • Davide Leonetti (Eindhoven University of Technology): Evaluation of clamping force in hot-driven rivets of the Botlekbrug
  • Christophe Peigneux (Bureau Greisch): Pont de l’espace Grotte in LOURDES, movable footbridge upon the Gave de Pau
  • Rik Steensels (Hasselt University): Recommendations on end zone reinforcement detailing
    of pre-tensioned concrete girders
  • Maikel Croes (Hollandia Structures): Design of complex connections in steel structures

16.10 Poster session 3 - elevator pitches of posters (click here for the poster presenters)

16.40 Closing session – chairs: Bert Snijder & Pierre Mengeot

  • Hans De Backer: Future IABSE activities and IABSE Congress Ghent 2021
  • Bert Snijder: Closing words

17.00 Drinks and 3D concrete printing demonstration – Structures Laboratory, Eindhoven University of Technology

19.00 Colloquium dinner – Structures Laboratory, Eindhoven University of Technology

  • Walking dinner, with in between:
  • Dinner speech by Rob Wolfs (Eindhoven University of Technology): 3D concrete printing on a tabula rasa
  • Awards ceremony: Best oral and poster presentations

23.00 End of day 1

The program on March 16 is as follows:

Excursion on day 2

09.30 Start excursion by bus to the bridges on the Albert Canal, Belgium – start location: Vertigo Building on TU/e campus

Three building sites are visited: the bridge BR08 in Zutendaal, the bridge BR32 in Ham (Kwaadmechelen) and the bridge BR36 in Eindhout. The bridges are under construction but in different construction phases. These three road bridges on the Albert Canal are part of a project with the aim to increase the clearance height under the bridges along the whole of the Albert Canal. The project was commissioned by Vlaamse Waterweg to the joint-venture Via T-Albert in the form of a PPP-contract for the design, building, financing and maintaining of the bridges.

The bridge type of these bridges is similar: a steel bowstring bridge with steel arches coming together in the central part of the arch. The deck consists of steel main and transverse girders with a concrete deck plate on top of it. The deck and the arches are connected by slender full steel hangers.

The excursion will be guided by the contractor and will be presented partly in Dutch, partly in English language. Participants have to wear sturdy shoes. Shoes, helmets and safety vests will be provided. The excursion is organized in collaboration with FRANKI CONSTRUCT NV. The excursion includes lunch near Geel, Belgium.

More detailed information on the excursion and on the project is given on this pase.

15.30 Arrival at Eindhoven – End

The program is downloadable as pdf.